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Developing an idea into an innovative design concept and produce realistic visualizations and 3D prototypes to give an overall view of it's appearance for the business model and market application.
Taking the concept to a development phase, refined into an engineered solution that can be tested for functionality and market acceptance and consideration for the production stage.
Our expertise ensures a seamless transfer from concept to the finished design solution for the tooling, machining and manufacture processes plus incorporate the technology solutions for operation.




We work with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to create and develop innovative products delivering a design-led, market focused product solutions targeting the requirements and expectations of the end user.
Our client knowledge and input supports our own research as we embark upon a range of conceptual thought provoking design solutions. Through cutting edge CAD, 3D modeling and prototyping techniques we create hi-tech products that create business opportunities for our clients and satisfaction for their customers.

Our engineers are involved throughout the design process to ensure our concepts are viable and cost-effective to manufacture. Conversely, our experienced designers maintain close contact with the manufacturing team to ensure production processes is achievable for high quantity or efficient production.

Your future success depends on innovative products developed today with production in mind. Walters design offers creativity, technical insight and a unique opportunity to develop products for many different markets and utilising the up to date or future technologies. At Walter,s using our unique design and innovation skills we develop new products, investigate technologies, prototype ideas and simply get things done.


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